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豊富なカラー(常備72~89色)と、サイズ展開(ss3~ss48)のSwarovski Elementsを使用したデザイン加工制作。反射光・立体造形を熟知したラインス トーン加工技術で、絶妙なニュアンスを表現。生活雑貨やファッションアイテムはもちろん、インテリアグッズ、車内装飾などの空間デザインにも対応。経験を積んだ職人ならではの知識と美的センスで、お客様のご希望に応じた「オジリナ リティ」を具現化。

Designs are worked and created using Swarovski Elements, which has a rich line-up of colors (usually 72 to 89 colors) and sizes (ss3 to ss48). The exquisite nuances are brought out through rhinestone processing techniques that harness an intimate knowledge of reflective light and three-dimensional shapes. In addition to household goods and fashion items, spatial design such as for interior items and car interior embellishments are also accommodated. The knowledge and aesthetic of experienced artisans will create originality to meet customer requests.

This original creation by Studio HIME fuses crystal modeling technology and graphic design. As indicated by its name Embellish + bottle  Embellittle, elements such as name(s), an anniversary date, a logo, and/or message are designed and embellished with crystal rhinestones on a wine or champagne bottle to be given as a gift for special occasions. Both memorable and luxurious, this is the ultimate gift that is sure to more than express the giver's thoughts.

An inventive fashion item, proposed by Studio HIME. This is a line of nouvelle "jewelry cosmetics" to embellish eyelashes like accessories with 20 Swarovski crystal rhinestones (a maximum of 38) on both eyes. The design shape that is longer at the outer corner of the eyes and mixed lashes with nuanced crossing and rich volume will add unrivaled glamour to the eyes from every angle.

Moeko Osawa's visual designs give full rein to her originality and statements with impact. Her accomplishments are diverse, including corporate logos, business cards, catalogs, product packaging, music CD jackets, website banners, and product designs. She creates designs with appeal, based on knowledge and definitions while harnessing aesthetics.

This is the first installment of the "Crazy-J" project, an art & culture unit that fuses Japan's traditional art, culture, and customs with Moeko Osawa's sensibility. Traditional culture and technologies are introduced fashionably with visual images. The true spirit of Japan is visualized through its distinctive weaving and dyes, inherited colors and patterns, as well as kimono-wearing traditions and occasions.