This is a Japanese luxury gift brand with the concept of "expression through creation." Centered on unique crystal embellishment art (decoration) and pursuing quality and originality, the line-up includes custom-made embellished wine and champagne bottles and the proprietary "Decomatsuge (false eyelashes with crystal rhinestones) using Swarovski crystals.
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Swarovskiクリスタルラインストーンを両目に20粒(最大38粒)使用した、アク セサリーライクにアイメイクを「着飾る」新感覚の「ジュエリーなコスメ」。
プロのメイクアップアーティストも納得の良質素材と、馴染みやすいナチュラルカー ブで、自然な付け心地。目尻長めのデザインフォルムと、ニュアンスクロス&リ ッチボリュームのMIXラッシュが、目元に360度完全無敵の華やかさをプラス。

This is a line of nouvelle "jewelry cosmetics" to embellish eyelashes like accessories with 20 Swarovski crystal rhinestones (a maximum of 38) on both eyes. The excellent quality is satisfying to professional make-up artists, and the natural curve has a nice fit that feels comfortable. The design shape that is longer at the outer corner of the eyes and mixed lashes with nuanced crossing and rich volume will add unrivaled glamour to the eyes from every angle.